The Caldon Canal between Etruria and Froghall was built in 1776 to carry limestone from the quarries at Cauldon Low to Stoke on Trent and beyond. Since then the canal has been modified a number of times. The Leek Branch and Rudyard Lake were opened in 1801, with the branch to Uttoxeter opening in 1811. This latter branch was short-lived, closed in 1849 by the new owners of the Canal company, North Staffordshire Railway.

Following the decline of commercial traffic in the early 20th Century the Caldon Canal fell into disrepair. The last section into Leek was closed and filled in by Leek UDC in 1957. In 1961 a closure notice appeared at Etruria. The Caldon Canal Committee, later the Caldon Canal Society, was formed in 1963. Following a campaign, a partnership involving volunteers, local authorities and British Waterways was formed to restore Caldon Canal. The canal was officially reopened to navigation, 28 September 1974 and in 1983 British Waterways upgraded Caldon Canal & Leek Arm to "Cruising Waterway" status.

The lock and basin at the start of the Uttoxeter Canal in Froghall was reopened in July 2005, after which the Caldon Canal Society renamed itself to the Caldon & Uttoxeter Canals Trust.