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Halcrow study 2009 - route options
Halcrow study 2009 - route options

Option A – the old line

Text from Uttoxeter Canal Restoration Outline Feasibility Study

Starting to the north of Denstone, the canal could follow the old railway line through Denstone using an existing bridge below Denstone Lane and College Road. To the south of College Road, a building, ‘The Old Crossing’, sits on what would be the line of the canal. A gap of around 9 metres exists between this and the adjacent building ‘The Station House’. It may be possible to fit the canal through this gap in a one way 2.5 metre wide, vertical sided channel. If this subsequently proves not to be possible, it would be necessary to demolish ‘The Old Crossing’. From here south, the line is relatively simple, skirting round the eastern side of a school playing field and below Stubwood Hollow Road. In order to pass below the road, some raising of the road would be required, with a lock constructed to the north of the road.

Continuing south, the next major obstacle is the JCB plant. It may be possible to follow a line, though this would require working on steep sidelong ground and would potentially cause some access difficulties and restrict future expansion for the operations at the JCB plant. Continuing south from here, ground levels begin to rise and significant works would be required to return the canal to its original alignment. The assessment of this route has been ended here as it does not appear feasible beyond this point.