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Leek Canal Corridor Study

We are pleased to be able to make the study "to investigate the potential to restore, extend and develop the canal in Leek" available to read from the Trust's website.

As the full document with appendices runs to almost 200 pages it has been split into sections for ease of reading. Please follow the links below to download and read each section. (The file size for each section is shown in brackets.)

The Trust welcomes your feedback, comments and ideas about improving and developing the Leek terminus of the Caldon Canal, and renewing the connection between the town and its canal. Please use the contact form to get in touch with your views.

Cover and contents (162k)
Chapter 1 - Introduction (1171 k)
Chapter 2 - Route Options Introduced (125 k)
Chapter 3 - Site Context (2172 k)
Chapter 4 - Route Options (2079 k)
Chapter 5 - Demonstrating the Value of Benefits (81 k)
Chapter 6 - The Way Forward (55 k)

Appendix 1 - Project Brief (115 k)
Appendix 2 - Land Registry Search (1034 k)
Appendix 3 - Cornhill, Leek - Area Action Plan (2089 k)
Appendix 4 - Canal Aqueduct Survey, Staffordshire Moorlands District Council 1995 (2079 k)
Appendix 5 - Indicative Flood Map and Ground Water Abstractions, Environment Agency (887 k)
Appendix 6 - Relevant extracts from ‘Caldon Canal Conservation Area’, Staffordshire Moorlands District Council (5040 k)
Appendix 7 - Outline costing information for each route option, Mott Macdonald (9183 k)
Appendix 8 - Consultation to date. List of organisations consulted with summary of discussions. Leek End Weekend Questionnaire with summary of responses (3778 k)
Appendix 9 - Economic impact analysis for each route option (1531 k)

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