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Dear all

This Friday evening I will be giving an online talk, looking at how the Uttoxeter Canal came to be built, why it closed less than 40 years later, and progress made by volunteers who started restoring the canal in 2002. With so much recent discussion about the future of the restoration, due to the proposals which would block the line of the canal in Froghall, it is an interesting time to look back at what has been achieved so far on the Uttoxeter Canal.

Register for free in advance (numbers are limited)

Thank you to those you you who have been in touch, or have already responded to the planning applications at Froghall. A significant number of objections have been registered so far, but that is no reason for us to be complacent, as there are also supportive responses from those keen to see the brownfield parts of this site regenerated, and who perhaps do not understand the implications for our project. If you have a few minutes you can respond to the applications online or by sending an email to the local authority Note there are two applications, the main planning application, SMD/2020/0684 and related listed building consent, SMD/2020/0685, but you can send a single email to comment on both.

There are a couple of news articles on our website about the application which you may wish to consult before responding by following this link. I'm happy to respond to any questions, which you can send by simply replying to this email.

Comments need to be in by 23rd March, so around a fortnight.

Best regards