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Dear all

It has been several months since I was last in touch and our volunteer work parties have not yet resumed, but I am writing to let you know that this coming weekend we will be hosting a small event on the Uttoxeter Canal.

Members from the Trust will be waiting at key points along the canal between Denstone and Alton to talk about some of the history and features of the canal and to explain work that has recently taken place, from a safe distance.

Additionally, in association with Lichfield Waterworks Trust, there will be a rare opportunity to see inside the historic pumping station at Crumpwood Weir. A fish pass was recently installed beneath this building and some of the original pumping gear removed as part of this project will be visible.

We are hoping to have some good news for supporters who attend on Sunday, but it is a little premature to add it to this newsletter, so I do hope that some of you can make it to the site.

This event is being run in association with Heritage Open Days. There is additional information on the new CUCT website. A more detailed guide to the sites will be available via the website on the evening before the event. You might want to print this or have a copy available on a smartphone, to read as you visit.


Access to the sites is along the former railway track. This is mostly grassed but can be a bit wet, depending on the weather, though at the time of writing the forecast is looking kind. it is approximately half an hour walk from either Alton or Denstone to Crumpwood.

Walk along the line from either Alton or Denstone until reaching milepost 23, roughly half way between the two villages. Follow the signs and relaid towpath from here to the bridge, lock, weir and pumping station. Signposts will be in place and volunteers will be on hand to guide visitors. There is an additional site closer to Alton, also accessed from the railway line and three mileposts along the route, all of which will be signposted with information provided, but will not manned.

Best regards